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Name-Collision - multiple objects in this wiki use the name Annex!
Annex (icecat) One or more Annexes supported by the Firmware variants available for this model
Annex (lexicon) Band plan for sharing Telephony and DSL or improved uplink
Annex (webcm) Assigned from: ANNEX.


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The ADSL Annex is a set of band plans for DSL, some of which allow sharing of Telephony and DSL.

An Annex is an appendix at the end of a document. The ADSL Annex is a set of appendixes to some G.992 standards.

Most important ADSL Annexes are:

Annexes A and B were already part of G.922-1 spec and are widely used, depending on the Telephony system used.
Germany is the only country which always uses Annex B, regardless of the Telephony system used.

Annex J is used in VoiP-only contracts without any fixed line Telephony. It has an improved upstream.
Annex M is an option to Annex A with improved upstream. Annexes J and M were added in G.922-3 ADSL2+ spec.

Click any Annex link above or see the DSL-Selector for a filterable list of Annexes supported by each model .


FRITZ!OS uses the ANNEX variable for the system wide Annex setting.
It can be A or B and decides which DSL-Firmware is loaded.

Annex J is supported by the B firmware, maybe also by the A firmware. Annex M is supported by the A firmware.


Most Box-Models up to generation x1xx (ie: 7170) and all Telekom-Derivatives initially only supported a single Annex.
Initially these were only sold in Germany with German Language with Annex B only,

For the fb, fbslw, fbf, 5010, fbfw, 7050, 7140 and 7170 AVM also sold variants for Switzerland and Austria with German
Language interface with Annex A only.

For the fb, fbf, fbfw, 7050, 7140 and 7170 AVM also added English Language single Annex versions with Annex A or Annex B.


The first models supporting multiple Annex firmware were the international models 5113, 5124 and 7113int.

Besides this most models since generation x2xx (ie 7270) support multiple Annexes in their international variants.
All model variants for the German market only supported Annex B for long time.

This has been changed since Labor r74082+ when AVM made firmware compatible to both the German and international
variants of models instead of maintaining separate versions.

FRITZ!OS with multi Annex support has the CONFIG_DSL_MULTI_ANNEX variable set to y, regardless of which Annex
firmwares are installed, so also for the German Annex B only variant of it.


The Webinterface handles the Annex selection in the sar ui-module, which is maintained by TODO:


Changing the Annex value sets the Annex variable in the dslglobalconfig section of ar7.cfg.
This will be used by rc.conf to set the ANNEX variable later.
A change requires a reboot since the Annex firmware is loaded at boot time.


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