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An EXIF tag is a Metadata section added to some image and audio files, typically used with the JPG format.

While the name pretends it is a file format it is just an addition to the Containers used for existing formats.
This has the advantage that Codecs are not disturbed by EXIF since it does not violate the respective format.
Supported formats are:

EXIF stores the device used to create the file (Camera, Smartphone, Scanner), the creation Timestamp and settings used,
possible GPS coordinates, Copyright info, comments, etc. If the file was altered subsequently the modification Timestamp
and software used is added.

Each image description page in a Mediawiki based Wiki like BoxMatrix shows the EXIF content in the Metadata section at
the bottom of the page, see this example and click "Show extended details" there.


FRITZ!OS uses libexif.so to read EXIF Metadata for Mediaserver related system parts.


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