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MCSP (Multi Channel Serial Port) is a hardware subsystem to stream multiple channels of data over a single
serial interface. It is provided by TI TMS320 C2x / C5x / C54x and many later DSPs and by SoCs which contain TI DSPs.

Excerpt from the DSP Development Guide linked above:

It has the ability to buffer serial samples in memory automatically with the aid of the DMA.
It also has multichannel capability compatible with the T1, E1, and MVIP standards.

The MCSP provides:

  • Full-duplex communication
  • Double-buffered data registers
  • Direct interface to other devices
  • Clock generation or an internal programmable frequency shift clock
  • Multichannel transmit and receive


The stream router pcmlink.ko uses the MCSP subsystem of these SoCs:

This list is gathered from the presence of mcsptdm_* symbols in pcmlink.ko.
Apparently this is glue to convert MCSP to TDM.


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