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OIDs are a standard addressing scheme by the ITU and ISO / IEC to locate an object in a tree.
An OID is a sequence of dot separated numbers.

OIDs are used for many purposes. Here the SNMP usage is covered for now.
Other usages are in SSL / TLS certificates and in LDAP.

The RFC linked above specifies an OID URN namespace.



AVM uses SNMP for all cable models. The enterprise OID of AVM is:

These numbers mean:

  • iso (1)
  • identified-organization (3)
  • dod (6)
  • internet (1)
  • private (4)
  • enterprise (1)
  • avm (872)

All AVM specific SNMP MIBs extend this OID with a subobject tree.

Example line from snmp_cm_nv.txt:

identity = docsisWriteCpeView:

The OIDs are called Private Enterprise Numbers (PEN) and every private Company can get a PEN OID
from IANA for free at pen.iana.org.


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