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Property:crash.log (tffs)

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Name-Collision - multiple objects in this wiki use the name crash.log!
crash.log (pipe) log_sink Inter-CPU log pipe on Scorpion (x490).
crash.log (procfs) Write-only user mode crash log.
crash.log (temp) Temp file to append to crash.log in TFFS.
crash.log (tffs) Persistent user mode crash log / final dump.


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crash.log is the oldest solution of a user mode crash log, and the persistent storage of all later solutions.
In fact it is not really a log but a dump.

crash.log is stored in the TFFS-Configuration, which consists of character devices in the TFFS on most models.
Character devices are streams and don't behave like a file. Logs need to append a log entry at the end of a file,
which is not possible with streams. See crash.log (temp) for a workaround to append to a character device in TFFS.

Simplified from the MIPS kernel source at arch/mips/include/asm/r4cache.h:

dmesg > /var/flash/crash.log
msgsend ctlmgr crashreport

This dumps the kernel ring buffer to crash.log and notifies ctlmgr about the crashreport.

In older firmware (ie 7272 fw 6.83) crash.log in TFFS is accessed by libavmcsock.so, libbacktrace.so and dsl_monitor
to dump a crash, by supportdata, and by libmailbuilder.so to compile the crashreport.

In recent firmware AVM implemented a procfs interface for crash handling which is directly maintained by tffs.ko.
See the crash.log (procfs) and crash (procfs) articles or the procfs lines below:

Crash Logs: - user mode crashes

Panic Logs: - kernel crashes

User Logs: - user stuff

Module Logs: - kernel modules

Debug Logs:


Daily updated index of all dependencies of this config file. Last update: 2023-01-28 06:37 GMT.
A * in the Mod column marks info from Supportdata-Probes, which will always stay incomplete.
A ** in the Mod column marks info from Supportdata2 probes, which by their nature will stay way more incomplete.
A - in the Mod column marks manual research, the Firmware then shows where the item occurs, not the Relation.

Relation Typ Object Mod Firmware Info Origin
Config for lib libavmcppterminatehandler.so - 7.08 - 7.51 Process termination handler for C++ programs AVM
Config for lib libavmcsock.so - 1.120 - 7.51 Networking, I/O and helper functions AVM
Config for lib libbacktrace.so - 4.47 - 7.51 Crash handler and logger AVM
Config for lib libwlandcommon.so - 6.98 - 7.51 TODO Linux
Config for cmd mobiled (avmcmd) - 6.98 - 7.51 Mobile modem daemon AVM
5 dependencies for this config file


Daily updated index of the presence, path and size of this config file for each model. Last update: 2023-01-28 06:37 GMT.
Showing all models using this config file. Click any column header (click-wait-click) to sort the list by the respective data.
The (main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom) label in the Model column shows which CPU is meant for models with multiple Linux instances.
Note that this list comes from Supportdata-Probes, which can have arbitrary settings and come from different firmware versions.
It doesn't say much if a model is not listed here. It may be a missing supportdata file or just a disabled feature.

Missing Supportdata

The data in this article is incomplete due to missing Supportdata-Probes for the models listed below.
If you own any of these models and would like to help then please get in touch.


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