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Inter-CPU Solutions[edit]

AVM solutions for models with multiple Linux instances

Dual AR7[edit]

The 5188 was the first model running 2 Linux instances and the only model running 2 identical instances of FRITZ!OS.
The master AR7 has Flash and RAM and normal partition layout, the slave AR7 only has RAM.

Master AR7[edit]

Slave AR7[edit]

Puma6 / Puma7[edit]

On Puma6 / Puma7 models FRITZ!OS is running on the ATOM CPU, while the cable modem frontend runs on the ARM CPU.
Both run a Linux which uses quite some technologies to interconnect both CPUs, mainly by AVM-Events and avmipcd.
Have a look at the remote_notifier event notify to see what else besides the stuff listed here is interconnected by AVM-Events.

On ATOM + ARM[edit]

On ARM[edit]

On ATOM[edit]

VR9 + Scorpion[edit]

The 3490, 5490, 5491 and 7490 models use a WiSoC named Scorpion for the 2.4GHz band, a WLAN chip with an own CPU.
WiSoCs offload the respective WLAN drivers from the main CPU and save performance for other tasks.
Initially the Scorpion ran a closed source firmware, until AVM decided to run a second Linux there.

On VR9 + Scorpion[edit]

On Scorpion[edit]

On VR9[edit]

Falcon standalone[edit]

The 5530 uses the Falcon fiber SoC with 4 logical cores. 3 cores run the main Linux (prxI), the 4th runs the boot Linux (prxB).

On Falcon prxB[edit]

On Falcon prxI[edit]

Hawkeye + Falcon[edit]

The 5590 uses the Falcon like the 5530 but adds the Hawkeye SoC with a third Linux which runs most of FRITZ!OS.

On Falcon prxB[edit]

On Falcon prxI[edit]

On Hawkeye[edit]

Dakota + RTL86[edit]

The 7520v2 uses the Dakota for most of FRITZ!OS and a second Linux for the RTL86 modem chipset.