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A TAM (Telephone Answering Machine) answers telephone calls in absence and records messages from the caller.

It typically takes the line offhook after a specified number of rings or seconds and plays a welcome message like:
Hello, I'm not home at the moment, please leave a message after the beep and I call you back.

After the beep the recording starts until the call is terminated or after a maximum recording time or after a silence timeout.

To hear the recordings later some voice menu or buttons at the device are used.
Some answering machines also provide remote capabilities to the owner, when typing a PIN during the welcome message.

In modern TAMs the message replay is prepended with Speech-Synthesis of the calling time.


In FRITZ!OS the TAM is provided by the optional telefon plugin libtam.so.

The Webinterface manages up to 6 TAMs in the tam ui-module which is maintained by libtamconf.so for ctlmgr.
Settings are stored in tamconf which is maintained by libtam.so and libtamconf.so.


libtam.so provides 3 operation modes, Greeting only, Record messages or Time control.
In Time control mode the greeting and recording modes can be scheduled by week day and day time (15-min resolution).

Both modes can have a separate builtin or custom greeting message. The default is a woman's voice which says:

Hello, noone is availlable to answer your call at the moment, please call again later!
Hello, noone is availlable to answer your call at the moment, please leave a message after the tone!

In recording mode a builtin or custom end message is played after the caller left a message (+5s timeout) which defaults to:

Thank you for calling!


All TAM files are stored in /data/tam.
In recent models this is symlinked to the FRITZ/voicebox folder on Internal-Storage or USB-Storage.
In older models this is a folder on a small jffs2 partition in the NOR-Flash which also stores FRITZ!OS.

meta0 in the tam folder stores the database of all recordings and custom messages for the first TAM, meta1 for the second.
uvp.0.000 is the recording start, uvp.0.001 is the recording end, uvp.0.002 the greetings message for the first TAM.
All recordings are stored in a rec subfolder, rec.0.000 being the first recording of the first TAM. All messages use Speex.

The recording length could be unlimited or limited to 60 / 120 / 180 seconds.

Optionally each message could be forwarded as an Email attachment in WAV format, either deleting or keeping the message.
The WAV uses a 16-bit 8 kHz mono PCMA Codec.


libtam.so also provides offline Speech-Synthesis for reporting the Timestamp of a recording during playback.
It uses Language specific Speex encoded fvp.*, rvp.* and syl.* Audio-Files for this task.

Since fw 7.39 libtam.so also provides online Speech-Synthesis for reporting the Timestamp of a recording during playback.
This is performed by tts_conv which uses libavmspeech_client.so to make the avmspeechd service convert the text.

Another option which could be enabled is remote playback of messages if entering a 4-digit PIN during the greeting message.


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