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Vapor-Models is a term used in this Wiki for models which never came on the market. These are mostly spare developments, inhouse prototype models, or demo models for fairs and trade shows. This list is a subset of the HWR-Names list, filtering out the models which really exist.


Daily updated index of vapor models found scanning 5,093 firmwares, labors and recoveries and 335 tarballs. Last update: 2021-10-20 04:28 GMT.
The Tbl column shows the amount of HWR tables in recoveries containing the respective entry.
The Ini column shows the amount of HWR sensitive product name assignments found in rc.init files.
The Src column shows the amount of occurrences of the HWR to product name relation in source code tarballs.
The Display-Name column shows the name which is displayed if the respective HWR is detected.

Legend:   real = existing Box-Model.   -   vapor = planned Vapor-Model.   -   ??? = not approved yet by scans.   -   bold = a Vapor-Model getting an own article.