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Wall-Mounting Block

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Wall-Mounting Block
Holding slots of a congstar DSL-Box


The Wall-Mounting Block is a nearly square plastic block with 2 slotted holes to mount some Box-Models at a wall. It has 4 little hooks for the 4 holding slots at the back of the router. Once the block is fixed at the wall the router can be hooked on it. Make sure you plugged in all cables before, it's nearly impossible to connect them after.


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The Wall-Mounting Block is compatible with the following routers:

Selectors >> Casing-Selector >> Wall-Mounting Block

Casing-Selector Group Orient Colour Logo Wallmount Screws Designer DesignDate Dimensions
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7570 vDSL W920V-Casing V red/silver block 0 Telekom 230 x 155 x 70
congstar DSL-Box W920V-Casing V black Congstar block 0 Telekom 230 x 155 x 70
Speedport W 701V W920V-Casing V silver/white T-Com block 0 Telekom 230 x 155 x 70
Speedport W 721V W920V-Casing V silver/white T-Home block 0 Telekom 230 x 155 x 70
Speedport W 900V W920V-Casing V silver/black T-Com block 0 Telekom 230 x 155 x 70
Speedport W 920V W920V-Casing V silver/grey T-Home block 0 Telekom 230 x 155 x 70
Alice IAD 7570 vDSL W920V-Casing V red/silver block 0 Telekom 230 x 155 x 70
7 models

The color of the Wall-Mounting Block differs depending on the model:

  • black: congstar DSL-Box, W900V, W920V
  • white: W701V, W721V
  • grey: 7570, IAD 7570


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