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aha.cfg is the main configuration of the aha daemon, covering devices, groups, templates and timers.


This fw 7.29 XML file has been formatted for readability and splitted for commenting and explaining it.
The config does not use line breaks between tags but inserts occasional line feeds instead of white space within tags.

root@fritz2:/var/mod/root# cat /var/flash/aha.cfg

<?xml version="1.0">


The etsi section stores configuration of LED light, here a single FRITZ!DECT 500:

  <virtUnit ident="2" version="1" ain="00815 0088115-1">
    <props name="Room1 Light" sortindex="1" sundown="0" sunup="0" />
    <asc switchMode="255" timerMode_start_time="0" timerMode_end_time="1440" 
         timerMode_start_date_year="255" timerMode_start_date_month="255"
         timerMode_start_date_day="255" timerMode_end_date_year="255" 
         switch_to_state="255" switch_action="255" switchAction_timeout="0" 
         timerMode_end_date_month="255" timerMode_end_date_day="255" children_count="0" 
         astroMode_sun_up_begin_relative="0" astroMode_sun_up_end_relative="0" 
         astroMode_sun_down_begin_relative="0" astroMode_sun_down_end_relative="0" 
         astroMode_sun_up_begin_value="0" astroMode_sun_up_end_value="0" 
         astroMode_sun_down_begin_value="0" astroMode_sun_down_end_value="0">
      <members />


schaltuhren is the german term for timeswitch devices, here a config for the LED light above without any timer:

  <schaltuhr ident="5" version="1" ain="00815 0088115-1">
      <actionTimes table="time_table_daily" isEnabled="0" />
    <props power_on_behavior="1" />


Devices can be collected into groups, here the empty config with no groups:

<groups />


Daily updated index of all dependencies of this config file. Last update: 2023-02-02 06:45 GMT.
A * in the Mod column marks info from Supportdata-Probes, which will always stay incomplete.
A ** in the Mod column marks info from Supportdata2 probes, which by their nature will stay way more incomplete.
A - in the Mod column marks manual research, the Firmware then shows where the item occurs, not the Relation.

Relation Typ Object Mod Firmware Info Origin
Config for lib libahatools.so - 6.25 - 7.51 TFFS-Configuration API to aha.cfg and ahanetncfg and tools. AVM
Config for lib libcfgimpexp.so - 6.10 - 7.51 TFFS-Configuration API for configuration import and export. AVM
Config for lib libcmapi.so - 6.35 - 7.51 API library for ctlmgr and its plugins. AVM
Config for lib libmove_dect_d.so - 7.39 - 7.51 moved plugin library for destination DECT base import AVM
Config for lib libmove_dect_s.so - 7.39 - 7.51 moved plugin library for source DECT base export AVM
Config for cmd aha (avmcmd) - 5.29 - 7.51 AVM home automation (AHA) server daemon. AVM
6 dependencies for this config file


Daily updated index of the presence, path and size of this config file for each model. Last update: 2023-02-02 10:55 GMT.
Showing all models using this config file. Click any column header (click-wait-click) to sort the list by the respective data.
The (main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom) label in the Model column shows which CPU is meant for models with multiple Linux instances.
Note that this list comes from Supportdata-Probes, which can have arbitrary settings and come from different firmware versions.
It doesn't say much if a model is not listed here. It may be a missing supportdata file or just a disabled feature.

Missing Supportdata

The data in this article is incomplete due to missing Supportdata-Probes for the models listed below.
If you own any of these models and would like to help then please get in touch.


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.