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ADAM2-Shell is a minimalistic Bootloader shell developed by Texas Instruments. It is used in ADAM2.


This article covers the original ADAM2-Shell, for the successor see the EVA-Shell article.

If a Terminal is connected to the Serial-Console there are 5 seconds after powerup to press a key to enter ADAM2-Shell.
If this time is passed without a key press FRITZ!OS boots, or whatever OS is installed.

ADAM2 Revision TI:0.18.01 AVM:$ProjectRevision: 1.20 $
(C) Copyright 1996-2003 Texas Instruments Inc. All Rights Reserved.
(C) Copyright 2003 Telogy Networks, Inc.
(C) Copyright 2003 AVM

AVM_Ar7 >
Press any key to abort OS load, or wait 5 seconds for OS to boot...  

AVM_Ar7 >


From urlader.Fritz_Box_2MB.97.adam2.image which is part of the fritz.box_sl.10.03.94.image:

Standard ADAM2 shell commands:

h | help                 # List the supported commands
memop                    # Memory Optimization
setmfreq                 # Configures / dumps frequencies (system, CPU)
dm <address> <length>    # Dump memory at <address> (32 Bit)
setmac <address> <value> # Change memory at <address> to <value> (32 Bit)
erase                    # Erase Flash except Adam2 Kernel and Env space
printenv                 # Displays Env. Variables
setenv <var> <value>     # Sets Env. variable <var> with a value <val>
unsetenv <var>           # Unsets the Env. variable <var>
fixenv                   # Defragment for Env. space
go                       # Loads the image starting at address <mtd1>

setmac seems to be a bug and correctly named cm, see below.

Initially also implemented but not used in FRITZ!Box ADAM2:

cm <address> <value>     # Change memory at <address> to <value> (32 Bit)
restart                  # Reboot device 
memtest                  # Memory test
im <address>             # Inspect mem - dumps memory content
info                     # Board Information
ftp <file> <host>        # Optional FTP client from TinyFTP
ping <host>              # Optional ping support



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