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AURA (AVM USB Remote Architecture) is a AVM proprietary network protocol for Windows-only remote USB usage.

It permits to use a FRITZ!Box USB-Host port in remote like a physical port of a Windows PC.

AURA could be enabled separately for:

  • USB storage media
  • Printers (including all-in-one printers)
  • Others (e.g., scanners)

A special AURA device is the audio output of the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater N/G, which could be used as a Windows sound card.

See also: AVM-Wishlist #2730


In FRITZ!OS AURA is served by the aurad daemon which listens on Port-2066-tcp for the respective Windows client.
aurad is started by the aura hotplug script, which also calls auracntl on hotplug events.

auracntl loads the respective client plugin library into aurad if the monitored device appears in the system.
For a FRITZ!Box USB-Host port it loads libacgenusb.so, for the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater N/G sound card it loads libacaudio.so.
AVM calls these plugins Aura Client Shared Object Files, see the auracntl help text.

aurad announces the aura UPnP root device via SSDP which is described by aura.xml.
The description aura.xml is dynamically created by preprocessing the aura-template.xml.

The Webinterface maintains AURA in the aura ui-module, which is maintained by libctlusb.so.
Configuration is stored in the usbhost section of usb.cfg which is maintained by libusbcfg.so.
There's also aura-usb, but it is unused, at least in a FRITZ!Box.

usbhost {
        aura_enabled = yes;
        aura_config = 15;

aura_config is a bitmask for the device type redirected to AURA:

  • 2 = 0b0010 = USB storage media
  • 5 = 0b0101 = Printers (including all-in-one printers)
  • 8 = 0b1000 = Others (e.g., scanners)
  • 15 = 0b1111 = all of the above


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