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Property:BASH ARGV

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Excerpt from:   bashref.info   >>   Bash Variables   >>   BASH_ARGV variable


An array variable containing all of the parameters in the current
bash execution call stack. The final parameter of the last
subroutine call is at the top of the stack; the first parameter of
the initial call is at the bottom. When a subroutine is executed,
the parameters supplied are pushed onto 'BASH_ARGV'. The shell
sets 'BASH_ARGV' only when in extended debugging mode (see *note
The Shopt Builtin:: for a description of the 'extdebug' option to
the 'shopt' builtin).


Daily updated index of the presence and value of this variable for each model. Last update: 2024-07-21 06:17 GMT.
Showing all models using this variable. Click any column header (click-wait-click) to sort the list by the respective data.
The (main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom) label in the Model column shows which CPU is meant for models with multiple Linux instances.
Note that this list is merged from Firmware-Probes of all known AVM firmware for a model, including Recovery.exe and Labor-Files.
If the 'Value' column contains '<comp>' the variable is computed at runtime. '<empty>' means the variable is present but empty (rare).
Multiple values typically show a conditional static assignment or different values in different firmware.

Model Firmware Value Origin
FRITZ!Box 4020 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 4040 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 4060 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber (main) 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber (arm) 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6430 Cable (arm) 7.57 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable (arm) 7.39 - 7.57 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable (arm) 7.39 - 7.57 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable (arm) 7.04 - 7.90 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable (atom) 7.04 - 7.90 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable (arm) 7.14 - 7.90 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable (atom) 7.14 - 7.90 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable (arm) 7.57 - 7.63 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable (atom) 7.61 - 7.63 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable (arm) 7.28 - 7.90 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable (atom) 7.28 - 7.90 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE v1 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE v2 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6850 LTE 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6850 5G 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE v1 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE v2 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7272 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7430 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7490 (main) 7.39 - 7.57 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7520 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7520 v2 (arm) 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7530 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7530 AX 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7590 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Box 7590 AX 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Repeater 600 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Repeater 600 v2 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Repeater 1200 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Repeater 2400 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Repeater 3000 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Repeater 3000 AX 7.39 <any> bash
FRITZ!Powerline 1260E 7.39 <any> bash
41 models use this variable


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