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Similar to the Config-Environment which stores compile options to build FRITZ!OS the Kernel-Config stores compile options to build the respective Kernel. Unlike the Config-Environment which is accessible as shell variables there is no direct way to access the Kernel-Config. However, there's a nice mechanism called IKCONFIG (Included Kernel-Config, CONFIG_IKCONFIG)[1] which permits to embed the compressed Kernel-Config in the kernel binary. IKCONFIG can be located in the decompressed kernel binary by its signatures and can be accessed from the running kernel at /proc/config.gz, if CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is enabled. Today AVM only uses this feature for nearly 50 recent models. Thanks! Enough to create this section, but not representing all current Box-Models.



See also the table with FRITZ!OS 7.50+ news below and the total Overview of F!OS news!

A filtered subset could be found in the NFS article (more to come).

Dear AVM: Please activate CONFIG_IKCONFIG for all kernels and modules.builtin (ascii) in rootfs to help developers. Thanks!

Since the amount of config variables exploded they had to be splitted into per character pages:

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And if you want to search through a single page:


The GPL-Browser and the Kernel-Config section try to represent all platforms AVM ever used with FRITZ!OS.
To keep both in sync at least one kernel config file needs to be scanned per extracted tarball. These files are collected
from multiple sources. The most accurate source is ikconfig, which is directly extracted from the respective Kernel blob.
For platforms which do not provide an ikconfig .config or Config files from the unpacked tarballs are used:

*** means this is not scanned yet correctly due to missing corresponding firmware.

Additionally collected:

An overview of which models are covered by collected Kernel-Config probes so far is the Model-Matrix of:

FRITZ!OS 7.5x[edit]

Kernel-Config variables which are new in FRITZ!OS 7.50+ and its 7.39+ Labors. See also the total Overview of F!OS news! Daily updated index of all kernel config variables found scanning Firmware-Probes . Last update: 2024-04-15 04:28 GMT.
The label (kerncfg) in the Variable column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.
The Mod column shows the amount of models using the respective variable. Click the column header to sort by this number.