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IPv4 is the base protocol for addressing machines in the Internet, also known as version 4 of the IP protocol.
A successor protocol with extended address range is the IPv6 protocol. Before its development IPv4 was called IP.


In an IP network each machnine has an IP address and is part of a Subnet.
IPv4 addresses are 32-bit and are written as 4 dot separated decimal numbers, each number with a range of 0-255, ie:


This is called dot-decimal or 4-dotted notation, which is also used to specify a Subnet or Netmask.


A Subnet is specified by its base address and a Netmask. There are 2 forms to write it:

Subnet: - Netmask:

Both examples describe the same Subnet - with 8-bit address space (256 addresses).
This can address 254 hosts, since the base address is reserved to specify the Subnet and the end address is used as the
Broadcast address, which addresses all hosts in this Subnet.


The 32.bit address space covers 4 294 967 296 IPv4 addresses, but some of them are reserved for special use:

block                range                        addresses    scope              purpose
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   –       16777216    Software           Current network  –     16777216    Private network    LAN –   4194304    Private network    CGNAT –   16777216    Host               localhost –    65536    Subnet             Link-Local –    1048576    Private network    LAN –            256    Private network    IETF Protocols. –            256    Documentation      TEST-NET-1 –        256    Internet           Reserved –    65536    Private network    LAN –     131072    Private network    Subnnet-Benchmark –      256    Documentation      TEST-NET-2 –        256    Documentation      TEST-NET-3 –   68435456    Internet           Multicast -        256    Documentation      MCAST-TEST-NET –  268435455    Internet           Reserved                      1    Subnet             Broadcast

All address ranges which are not reserved for special use are considerd routable. (Table adapted from Wikipedia.int above)
Routing is the forwarding of an IP packet to the next Hop which is closer to the destnation IP address.



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