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JPEG is a lossy format designed to store photos. Typical filename extensions are .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe and .jfif.
JPEG is just the compression format, the common storage format for still images is JFIF (JPEG File Interchange Format).
For videos there's the MJPEG (Motion JPEG) format using JPEG compression for each frame.

Lossy means it can not reproduce the original data but uses data reduction technologies to improve compression.
Although a later extension also defined lossless JPEG compression the primary use is lossy.

The offiicial MIME type for JPEG / JFIF images is image/jpeg.

JPEG is not free of patents. but unlike GIF the patent owners never charged for long time so JPEG could get strong.
This worked and JPEG now is the dominant lossy pixel graphics / still image compression format.

For lossless palette based and animated images the GIF format went strong, but its patent situation yieled in the development
of the PNG format


FRITZ!OS uses JPEG as one of the Graphics formats for the Webinterface, see the JPG-Files section.

The backhround image of a FRITZ!Fon can be changed using dect_bg_image_conversion.sh which is called by dect_manager.

Each entry in the Phonebook can have a JPEG image attached, to be displayed on FRITZ!Fon handsets on incoming calls.
Connversion is done in picconv.sh which is called by pictured or pbd_upload_image.

FRITZ!Fon can also display an image grabbed from an IP-Camera, either in JPEG or MJPEG format.
This is done in dect_doorline_image_conversion.sh which is called by dect_manager.

JPEG can also be an option for an incoming Fax, see faxd.

For the Mediaserver libmediautils.so and its predecessor libimageutils.so can create Thumbnails from JPEG, which may also
come from Albumart. First djpeg decompresses the image, then pnmscale resizes it, then cjpeg recompresses it again.
Metadata from JPEG files is gathered using rdjpgcom and libexif.so.


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