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AVM Stick and Surf is a proprietary technology for USB WLAN Auto Provisioning.

It consists of these steps:

  1. Plug a FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick to a fRITZ!Box with WLAN once
  2. The box writes the WLAN credentials (SSID, password) to hidden persistent storage on the stick
  3. Plug the Stick to a Windows computer with AVM WLAN drivers
  4. The AVM WLAN drivers will fetch the credentials and initiate a WLAN connection without any configuration

An easier method which also works for other platforms is WPS.

Stick+Surf and WPS both are security holes for your WLAN if enabled permanently. Always disable them after use!


Stick+Surf was introduced in FRITZ!OS 3.42, see CONFIG_USB_WLAN_AUTH (cfgenv).

It is enabled in the Webinterface by the settings/autoprov_enabled web variable of the ctlusb ui-module.

A Hotplug of a FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick launches the respective hotplug script, which terminates if Stick+Surf is disabled.

In early firmware avmusbwlan is started, which loads the usbauth.ko module and launches the avmusbwlanstart command.
In recent firmware udev-avmwlan-usb is started, which launches the avmstickandsurf command.

Both solutions fetch the WLAN credentials and write them to the stick.

How the credentials are encoded is unknown, but they likely have an expiration time and some random key, which are sent
together with the MAC address and further device specific info to the WLAN drivers so they are prepared to 'open the door'.


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.


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