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Telnet is is old unsecure remote shell protocol (1969, extended 1983) using Port-23-tcp.
It is deprecated and replaced by the secure SSH protocol.


AVM uses Telnet for diagnosis and debugging of FRITZ!OS since fw 1.120.

The server is telnetd which is part of the busybox executable. If is started by the telefon daemon using special Dial-Codes.
#96*7* starts telnetd and #96*8* stops it again. This is persistent since telefon stores the setting in its config.
This only works with analog, ISDN or DECT telephones connected to the respective box but not with IP-Phones or Apps.
In times when unsigned firmware was permitted there were tricks to enable Telnet with a Pseudo-Update image.

Starting with fw 6.25 and for all Cable firmware ever AVM disabled this feature by removing the telnetd symlink.
For some older models with very limited ressources like the 2170, 3131 and 3170 telnetd could not be activated,
since AVM removed the telnetd code from the busybox executable to save space.

However, today telnetd is still built into busybox for ISP-only usage by TR-069 calling busybox telnetd.
But the user can not call this by any means with original firmware.


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