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WebDAV is an extension to the HTTP(S) protocol which permits collaborative write access to web ressources.
It uses Port-80-tcp like HTTP (rarely) or Port-443-tcp like HTTPS, typically with authentification.

See also the CardDAV and CalDAV protocols which are based on WebDAV.


FRITZ!OS uses WebDAV to mount the Online-Storage using the fuse filesystem. Since WebDAV is designed for collaborative
write access multiple devices can mount the same account. Example usages are the T-Cloud or 1&1 Online-Storage.

The Webinterface manages WebDAV in the webdavclient ui-module which is maintained by the ctlmgr plugin libctlwebdav.so.
Configuration is stored in usb.cfg which is maintained by libusbcfg.so.

The mounting is performed by mount.davfs, the unmounting by umount.davfs.
Both are called by the webdav_control script which is called on online status change from the webdav_net script.
webdav_control is also called by the hotplug handlers udev-mount-sd and storage, and by libctlwebdav.so and libcmapi.so.

webdavcfginfo is a helper to query WebDAV configuration values within the webdav_control script.


The list of WebDAV providers and HTTPS host URLs is hardcoded in webdav.lua - fw 7.29:

  • 1&1 - sd2dav.1und1.de
  • Alice SmartDisk - dav.disk.alice-dsl.de - removed in 7.39
  • box.com - dav.box.com/dav
  • Domainfactory - <username>.livedisk.df.eu/webdav
  • Freenet - storage.freenet.de/dav
  • GMX - webdav.mc.gmx.net
  • humyo - dav.humyo.com - removed in 7.39
  • myDisk - mydisk.se/<username> - removed in 7.39
  • STRATO HiDrive - webdav.hidrive.strato.com
  • Telekom - webdav.magentacloud.de
  • WEB.DE - webdav.smartdrive.web.de
  • Other - webdavclient:settings/host_url

The https:// part of the host URLs has been intentionally removed here.


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