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T-Cloud, today called Magenta-Cloud, is a commercial Cloud space by the german ISP Telekom.


FRITZ!OS supported T-Cloud by the libtcloud.so plugin for libavmupnp.so / libavmupnpbig.so / libctlusb.so.

libtcloud.so announces the TMediaCenterDev UPnP root device via SSDP which is described by TMediaCenterDevDesc.xml.
The description TMediaCenterDevDesc.xml is dynamically created by preprocessing the TMediaCenterDevDesc-template.xml.

However, Telekom reworked the Magenta-Cloud completely, rendering this solution void.
In recent 7.39 labor (ie 7590 r99710) libtcloud and all trails to it have been completely removed from FRITZ!OS.

The only way to use T-Cloud at the moment is mounting it as Online-Storage using WebDAV.
There's no further Telekom Mediacenter UPnP root device but AVM states they try to get it working again.

See these related documents:

My opinion: A Cloud without stable API isn't worth anythng.

The Telekom Mail Online-Phonebook which works via CardDAV is not affected by these changes.


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.


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