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A Benchmark is a program to measure the performance of a computer system or a specific part of it.


With the evolution of FRITZ!OS and the hardware it is running on AVM added an increasing amount of benchmarking tools.
These will be collected here step by step:

Benchmark results are collected in the Benchmark-Results section.


Dhrystone is a very old open source CPU Integer Benchmark, provided as an executable.
AVM built a stripped down version which just reports a single result, the Dhrystone MIPS.

See: dhrystone.

Unfortunately AVM removed dhrystone since fw 7.39.


MemBench is an open source RAM Benchmark by AVM. It is provided as an extension to the Proc-Filesystem.

See: help (procfs).


Performance-Index is another open source RAM Benchmark by AVM which runs a bunch of MemBench tests,
but similar to Dhrystone it just reports a single result, the Performance-Index.
Being part of the MemBench it is also provided as an extension to the Proc-Filesystem.

See: performance_index.

There's also a checkperformance script, which combines the Performance-Index and Dhrystone results.


Profiler is an open source software performance tester by AVM.

  • TODO


Some speedtest solutions by AVM which also are a TODO:


In very early times AVM used a basic RAM tester:

For network perfomance tests AVM used various tools from time to time:


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.


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