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Firmware Branding is the customisation of a Firmware for a specific ISP.


FRITZ!OS uses the OEM (avmenv) variable for the system wide Branding setting.
It is set in rc.conf from the firmware_version variable with fallback to CONFIG_OEM_DEFAULT.

Unbranded German models typically use the value avm, international models avme.
So far only german ISP models use differing ISP specific values, see the known Bootloader-Brandings.

The OEM (avmenv) variable is used for ISP specific default configuration and to customize the Webinterface.
rc.conf also uses the OEM (avmenv) variable for ISP specific adaption of the Config-Environment.


To remove an ISP branding it was possible to change the firmware_version variable.

However, recent EVA bootloaders store the firmware_version in the config section and could not be changed persistent.


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.


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