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ISDN-Controller A1 v3.0

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ICEcat info (C) AVM GmbH


The ISDN-Controller A1 v3.0 is the successor of the ISDN-Controller A1 v2.0 . The successor model is the FRITZ!Card Classic which is labeled ISDN-Controller A1 3.0 FC.


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Selectors >> PSU-Selector >> ISDN-Controller A1 v3.0   -   Showing recommended Power-Supply units.

PSU-Selector Type L. Min Max In Min Max Max Max Out Out Curr Pwr Out2 Out2 Curr2 Pwr2 Cap. Vend. Nick Alias
0 power supply units

Selectors >> Cable+Adapter-Selector >> ISDN-Controller A1 v3.0   -   Showing recommended Cables+Adapters.

Cable+Adapter-Selector Type Length Wires Shield Conn1 Gender Conn2 Gender Conn3 Gender Conn4 Gender
0 cables and adapters


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PCB mounted:

  • IO-Adress - Jumpers - to choose the I/O adress of the card - 200 / 240 / 300 / 340

Slot plate:

Bus connector:


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Selectors >> Components-Selector >> ISDN-Controller A1 v3.0   -   Chips may occur multiple times if different types were found in probes.

Cat. Qty. Component Purpose Family Coden. Vendor Description
FPGA 1x A1010B FPGA ACT1 Microsemi 1200 Logic Gates FPGA
FON 1x PSB21525N V2.1 ISDN-Ctrl HSCX HSCX TE Lantiq High-Level Serial Communications Controller for Terminals
FON 1x PSB2186H V1.1 ISDN-PHY ISAC ISAC-S TE Lantiq ISDN Subscriber Access Controller for Terminals
Misc 2x SN74LS245 Bus-Iface 74245 TI Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-State Outputs
Misc 3x SN74HCT125 Bus-Iface 74125 TI Quad Bus Buffer Gates With 3-State Outputs