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Property:Country (lexicon)

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Name-Collision - multiple objects in this wiki use the name Country!
Country (avmenv) The computed system Country setting.
Country (lexicon) Nation which occupies a geographical territory


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A Country is a nation which occupies a geographical territory.

It typically has:

  • Own government with own law
  • One or more official Languages
  • One or more Timezones
  • Own technical standards and regulatory


FRITZ!OS uses the Country (avmenv) variable for the system wide Country setting.
Country_is_default is set to no if Country (avmenv) is set from the country (bootenv) variable, otherwise it is yes.

Both Country variables use the ITU-T E.123 international country dialling codes, replacing the + prefix with a 0,
or 99 for Other Country. Ie: The +49 calling code for Germany evaluates to 049:

Click any Country above or see the Country-Selector for a filterable list of Countries supported by each model .

Countries which do not have presets in FRITZ!OS (yet) but appear in the Icecat catalog as target markets:

  • Cuba (cu) = 053
  • Mexico (mx) = 052
  • Peru (pe) = 051
  • Philippines (ph) = 063
  • Romania (ro) = 040
  • Singapore (sg) = 065


Most Box-Models up to generation x1xx (ie: 7170) and all Telekom-Derivatives initially only supported a single Country,
Germany, and German Language. Initially these were only sold in Germany, but later AVM also sold variants for Switzerland
and Austria with German Language interface but support for a limited set of 10 Countries.

For the fb, 1020, fbf, fbfw, 7050, 7140 and 7170 AVM also sold single Language English variants for the international market,
also with support for a limited set of 10 Countries.

A special single Country Telekom-Derivative is the the w503vmk for Macedonia.


The first models with full multi Country support were the international models 5113, 5124 and 7113int.

Besides this most models since generation x2xx (ie 7270) support 29 to 41 Countries in their international variants.
All model variants for the German market only supported Germany for long time.

This has been changed since Labor r74082+ when AVM made firmware compatible to both the German and international
variants of models instead of maintaining separate versions.

FRITZ!OS with multi Country support has the CONFIG_MULTI_COUNTRY variable set to y, regardless of which Countries
are supported, so also for the Germany only variant of it.


The Country setting affects:


Changing the Country is done by the setcountry script, which expects one argument, the country code listed above:

setcountry <country>

If <country> is not numerical starting with 0 or 99 setcountry does nothing and terminates with exit code -1.
If the directory /etc/default.<country> does not exist setcountry does nothing and terminates with exit code -2.
Otherwise setcountry sets the country variable in the Bootloader-Environment to <country> and clears the telephony config
in fx_conf, fx_lcr, fx_moh, telefon_misc and fx_cg.
If the Country variable in AVM-Environment already equals <country> setcountry terminates with exit code 1.
Otherwise setcountry terminates with exit code 0 which makes the caller perform a reboot.

The Webinterface handles the list of availlable Countries in the country ui-module, which is maintained by libcmapi.so.
Starting with fw 7.39 this module also handles the current Country setting in:


Before fw 7.39 this setting was handled in the box ui-module, also maintained by libcmapi.so:


Changing the value of these keys will make libcmapi.so call setcountry.

setcountry is also called by firmwarecfg, tr069fwupdate, libtr069.so, libcfgimpexp.so and by the tffs init script.


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