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SMTP is a protocol for sending Email. It is used by an Email client or MTA to communicate with an SMTP server at Port-25-tcp.

Before SMTP electronic mail was sent using the FTP protocol and FTP mail servers (!!!).

SMTP had quite some evolution. Initially the message body only permitted ASCII according to the IMF standard.
This changed when MIME was introduced, permitting arbitary Charsets, multipart messages and attachments.

Early SMTP did not provide any authentification. Access to the server could only be controlled by limiting the client IP range.
This changed when SMTP-AUTH was introduced (see RFC-4954), which requires a user account to login and send Email.

Initially SMTP only supported clear text communication to the server. This changed when SMTPS was introduced.



In FRITZ!OS the MTA responsible for SMTP amd SMTPS is mailer and is explained there.


In FRITZ!OS 6.35 AVM added a SMTP filter, which is disabled by default.
It blocks outgoing Port-25-tcp access to the Internet, which is used for SMTP. It does not affect SMTPS.

It is implemented in kdsldmod.ko, which is the routing core.

Before fw 7.39 the setting is handled in the connection0 ui-module, which is maintained by libcmapi.so:


Since fw 7.39 the setting is handled in the connections ui-module, which is also maintained by libcmapi.so:


$N is the connection number, starting with 0.

This setting is stored in ar7.cfg which is maintained by libar7cfg.so.


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.


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