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ISDN-Controller B1 v2.0

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ISDN-Controller B1-Bild4.jpg
ISDN-Controller B1 v2.0


The ISDN-Controller B1 v2.0 is the successor model of the ISDN-Controller B1 v1.4, an active ISA ISDN controller based on a 20MHz RISC Transputer. The successor model with optional Plug-and-Play support and RJ-45 connector instead of the Sub-D is the ISDN-Controller B1 v3.0.


  • Jonathan Schilling's research article about the B1 v2.0 and mods to drive a T1 / T1-B with it. (german)

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Daily updated index of ISDN-Controller B1 v2.0 part numbers. Last update: 2023-11-15 14:09 GMT. Click an EAN/GTIN or MPN to search the web for it.
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Selectors >> PSU-Selector >> ISDN-Controller B1 v2.0   -   Showing recommended Power-Supply units.

PSU-Selector Type L. Min Max In Min Max Max Max Out Out Curr Pwr Out2 Out2 Curr2 Pwr2 Cap. Vend. Nick Alias
0 power supply units

Selectors >> Cable+Adapter-Selector >> ISDN-Controller B1 v2.0   -   Showing recommended Cables+Adapters.

Cable+Adapter-Selector Type Length Wires Shield Conn1 Gender Conn2 Gender Conn3 Gender Conn4 Gender
0 cables and adapters


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Jonathan Schilling's Modifications explained here (german)

The first mod increases the INMOS Link speed to 20 Mbps. The second mod uses the TRAM alike connectors and 2 MAX3467 RS422 converters to build a link interface which is compatible to the ISDN-Controller T1 and ISDN-Controller T1-B. The third mod is still unknown.


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PCB mounted:

  • IO-Adress - Jumpers - to choose the I/O adress of the card - 150 / 250 / 300 / 340

Slot plate:

Bus connector:


  • TODO


Selectors >> Components-Selector >> ISDN-Controller B1 v2.0   -   Chips may occur multiple times if different types were found in probes.

Cat. Qty. Component Purpose Family Coden. Vendor Description
SoC 1x IMST400-X20I Transputer T400 ST 20MHz 32-bit RISC-Transputer without FPU
RAM 2x UPD424270-70 DRAM D-512K Elpida FPM DRAM 70ns, 256K x 16bit = 512KB
RAM 2x GM71C4270AJ70 DRAM D-512K Hynix FPM DRAM 70ns, 256K x 16bit = 512KB
Flash 1x ST93C461 EEPROM EEPROM-128 Microchip EEPROM, 1K x 1bit = 128B
FPGA 1x A1010B FPGA ACT1 Microsemi 1200 Logic Gates FPGA
FPGA 1x TPC1010AFN-068 FPGA TPC1010 TI 1200 Logic Gates FPGA
FPGA 1x PALCE22V10Q-25JC4 PAL PALCE22V10 AMD 24-Pin EE Programmable Array Logic
FPGA 1x TICPAL22V10Z-25CFN PAL 22V10 TI 24-Pin Programmable Array Logic
FON 1x SAB82525-N ISDN-Ctrl HSCX HSCX Lantiq High-Level Serial Communications Controller Extended
FON 1x PEB2086H V1.1 ISDN-PHY ISAC ISAC-S Lantiq ISDN Subscriber Access Controller
Trafo 2x UT21711 ISDN-PHY UMEC External ISDN S0 Line Transformer
Trafo 1x UT28103 ISDN-PHY UMEC Common Mode Choke / Data Line Filter (4-wire)
Trafo 2x L4097-X011-80 ISDN-PHY VAC External ISDN S0 Line Transformer
Trafo 1x N4021-X003-80 ISDN-PHY VAC Common Mode Choke / Data Line Filter
Misc 1x SN74HCT273 Bus-Iface 74273 TI Octal D-Type Flip-Flops With Clear
Misc 1x SN74LS245 Bus-Iface 74245 TI Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-State Outputs
Misc 1x IMSCO11-E20S Bus-Iface IMSCO1x ST 8-Bit Bus to Inmos Serial Link Adapter
Misc 1x SN74LS367A Bus-Iface 74367 TI Hex Bus Drivers With 3-State Outputs
Misc 1x SN74ACT16823 Bus-Iface 7416823 TI 18-Bit Bus-Interface Flip-Flops With 3-State Outputs
Misc 1x SN74LS368A Bus-Iface 74368 TI Hex Buffers And Line Drivers
Misc 1x SN74HCT02 Logic 7402 TI Quad 2-Input Positive-NOR Gates
Misc 1x SN75188 RS-232 MC148x TI Quad RS-232 Line Drivers
Misc 1x SN75189A RS-232 MC148x TI Quad RS-232 Line Receivers
Misc 1x COM81C17 UART 81C17 Microchip Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter

TODO: Property:IMST400-X20I OR Property:UPD424270-70 OR Property:GM71C4270AJ70 OR Property:ST93C461 OR Property:TPC1010AFN-068 OR Property:TICPAL22V10Z-25CFN OR Property:PALCE22V10Q-25JC4 OR Property:A1010B OR Property:PEB2086H V1.1 OR Property:SAB82525-N OR Property:SN75188 OR Property:SN75189A OR Property:IMSCO11-E20S OR Property:SN74ACT16823 OR Property:COM81C17 OR Property:SN74HCT273 OR Property:SN74LS245 OR Property:SN74LS367A OR Property:SN74LS368A OR Property:SN74HCT02 OR Property:UT21711 OR Property:UT28103 OR Property:L4097-X011-80 OR Property:N4021-X003-80


Accessory-Index34 +
Accessory-LogoImage:ISDN-Controller B1-Bild4.jpg +
Accessory-ModelISDN-Controller B1 v2.0 +
Accessory-Nickb120 +
Accessory-TypeISDN-Card +
Accessory-VendorAVM +
ArchitectureTransputer +
Bus-ISA16true +
CPU-Clock20 MHz +
CPU-Cores1 +
Card-BusISA16 +
Card-Typeactive +
Casing-Colourgreen +
Downloads65 +
Driver-DOStrue +
Driver-Linuxtrue +
Driver-Netwaretrue +
Driver-OSWin2K +, Win3x +, Win95 +, Win98 +, WinME +, WinNT +, WinXP +, DOS +, Netware +, OS2 + and Linux +
Driver-OS2true +
Driver-Win2Ktrue +
Driver-Win3xtrue +
Driver-Win95true +
Driver-Win98true +
Driver-WinMEtrue +
Driver-WinNTtrue +
Driver-WinXPtrue +
FON-ChipsProperty:PEB2086H V1.1 + and Property:SAB82525-N +
FONS0-DSUB9Ftrue +
FPGA-ChipsProperty:TPC1010AFN-068 +, Property:TICPAL22V10Z-25CFN +, Property:PALCE22V10Q-25JC4 + and Property:A1010B +
Flash-ChipsProperty:ST93C461 +
ISDN-Lines2 +
ISDN-Phones1 +
Manual.dehttp://web.archive.org/web/20040512022829/http://www.avm.de/de/Service/FAQs/dokumente/Handbuch_B1_v2_0.pdf +
Misc-ChipsProperty:SN75188 +, Property:SN75189A +, Property:IMSCO11-E20S +, Property:SN74ACT16823 +, Property:COM81C17 +, Property:SN74HCT273 +, Property:SN74LS245 +, Property:SN74LS367A +, Property:SN74LS368A + and Property:SN74HCT02 +
Model-GroupISDN +
OwnerUser:Rubberduck + and User:Jonathan Schilling +
Product.dehttp://web.archive.org/web/19981201194924/http://www.avm.de/deutsch/aktivb1.htm +
Product.inthttp://web.archive.org/web/19981205153401/http://www.avm.de/english/aktivb_e.htm +
RAM0.5 MB +
RAM-ChipsProperty:UPD424270-70 + and Property:GM71C4270AJ70 +
Salesdead +
SoCT400 +
SoC-ChipsProperty:IMST400-X20I +
Sort-Index99.34 +
Supporteos +
Technical.dehttp://web.archive.org/web/19981206015449/http://www.avm.de/deutsch/details/b1.htm + and http://web.archive.org/web/19990302060913/www.avm.de/deutsch/r0497-2.htm +
Technical.inthttp://web.archive.org/web/19981203015257/http://www.avm.de/english/details/b1_e.htm +
Trafo-ChipsProperty:UT21711 +, Property:UT28103 +, Property:L4097-X011-80 + and Property:N4021-X003-80 +
Websites7 +
White-Paper.dehttp://web.archive.org/web/19981202163742/http://www.avm.de/deutsch/w0397-3.htm + and http://web.archive.org/web/19981202163742/http://www.avm.de/deutsch/w0397-4.htm +