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ISDN-Controller T1

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ISDN-Controller T1-Presse1.jpg
Press material (C) AVM GmbH
ISDN-Controller T1-Image2.png
Screenshot english T1/T1-B PDF (C) AVM GmbH


The ISDN-Controller T1 is a professional 19" active S2M controller for up to 30 ISDN lines, with 3 T400 family transputers and 9MB of RAM. An advanced version which additionally contains one ISDN-Controller T1 Booster board is the ISDN-Controller T1-B. The T1 comes with the ISDN-Controller T1 PCI Link card or the ISDN-Controller T1 ISA Link card. Both connect the T1 to a PC using a 20 Mbps RS422 serial link, which can span up to 20 meters.

The T1 does not have any Flash storage homing an OS, so without a PC, line card and drivers for the respective OS it is not usable for its purpose. The PDF manual explains installation on Windows XP / 2000 / NT, Netware and Linux, but there are also MSDOS drivers. Like for every AVM ISDN card the drivers provide a CAPI interface. With up to 4 T1 devices and line cards a single server could handle up to 120 ISDN B-channels, including multi-channel bonding. Even mixtures of *active* AVM ISA and PCI cards (B1, C2, C4, T1) are possible up to 4 cards. For Windows AVM sold the ISDN Services for Windows Networks suite, consisting of ISDN Access Server, ISDN MultiProtocol Router and Network Distributed ISDN (NDI).


  • Jonathan Schilling's research article about the T1/T1-B, the Booster and the ISA card (german)
  • Jonathan Schilling's research article about the B1 v2.0 and mods to drive a T1 / T1-B with it. (german)
  • Axel Muhr's research article about the T1 / T1-B, the Booster and the PCI card (english)
  • Axel Muhr's research article about the Hema TA2 ISA card (english)
  • Both have contributed all their images to BoxMatrix. Big thanks!

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Daily updated index of ISDN-Controller T1 part numbers. Last update: 2022-09-30 03:34 GMT. Click an EAN/GTIN or MPN to search the web for it.
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Selectors >> PSU-Selector >> ISDN-Controller T1   -   Showing recommended Power-Supply units.

PSU-Selector Type L. Min Max In Min Max Max Max Out Out Curr Pwr Out2 Out2 Curr2 Pwr2 Cap. Vend. Nick Alias
AVM 01002 trafo ext 100 V 250 V AC 47 Hz 63 Hz 1,100 mA 110 VA 48 V DC 0 mA 0 VA AVM 01002 AVM01002
1 power supply unit

Selectors >> Cable+Adapter-Selector >> ISDN-Controller T1   -   Showing recommended Cables+Adapters.

Cable+Adapter-Selector Type Length Wires Shield Conn1 Gender Conn2 Gender Conn3 Gender Conn4 Gender
0 cables and adapters


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Front panel:

  • Power - LED (gn)
  • Sync - LED (gn) - lit when connected to the ISDN network
  • D - LED (gn) - lit during D-channel activity
  • System - LED (gn) - lit when connected to a PC and drivers are loaded
  • B1-B30 - LEDs (gn) - lit during B-channel activity

Back panel:


Details about the ISDN-Controller T1 casing:


Selectors >> Components-Selector >> ISDN-Controller T1   -   Chips may occur multiple times if different types were found in probes.

Cat. Qty. Component Purpose Family Coden. Vendor Description
SoC 2x IMST400-X20I Transputer T400 ST 20MHz 32-bit RISC-Transputer without FPU
SoC 1x IMST425-G25S Transputer T400 ST 25MHz 32-bit RISC-Transputer without FPU
RAM 18x MT4C16256DJ-7 DRAM D-512K Micron FPM DRAM 70ns, 256K x 16bit = 512KB
RAM 18x GM71C4270AJ70 DRAM D-512K Hynix FPM DRAM 70ns, 256K x 16bit = 512KB
FPGA 1x A1010B-1 FPGA ACT1 Microsemi 1200 Logic Gates FPGA
FPGA 2x A1010B-2 FPGA ACT1 Microsemi 1200 Logic Gates FPGA
FPGA 1x GAL16V8C-5LJ GAL 16V8C Lattice 20-Pin Generic Array Logic
FON 1x PEB22320N V2.1 S2M-PHY PRACT PRACT Lantiq Primary Rate Access Clock Generator and Transceiver
FON 1x PEB20320 V3.2 S2M-PHY MUNICH MUNICH32 Lantiq Multichannel Network Interface Controller for HDLC
FON 1x PEB2035N V4.1 S2M-PHY ACFA ACFA Lantiq Advanced CMOS Frame Aligner
Trafo 2x L4097-X012-80 ISDN-PHY VAC S2M / ISDN Line Transformer
Trafo 2x UT21712 ISDN-PHY UMEC S2M / ISDN Line Transformer
PSU 1x TL7705AC Reset-Gen TL77xx TI Supply Voltage Supervisor, Reset Generator
Misc 3x SN74ACT16841 Bus-Iface 7416841 TI 20-Bit Bus-Interface D-Type Latch With 3-State Outputs
Misc 5x 74HC595 LED-Latch 74595 Various 8-bit Shift Register with Output Latches, 3-state
Misc 1x TL74HCT32D Logic 7432 NXP Quad 2-Input OR Gates
Misc 1x AM26C31C RS-422 AM26C3x TI Quad RS-422 Symmetrical Line Drivers
Misc 2x AM26C32C RS-422 AM26C3x TI Quad RS-422 Differential Line Receivers

TODO: Property:IMST400-X20I OR Property:IMST425-G25S OR Property:MT4C16256DJ-7 OR Property:GM71C4270AJ70 OR Property:A1010B-1 OR Property:A1010B-2 OR Property:GAL16V8C-5LJ OR Property:PEB20320 V3.2 OR Property:siemens OR Property:PEB2035N V4.1 OR Property:PEB22320N V2.1 OR Property:SN74ACT16841 OR Property:AM26C31C OR Property:AM26C32C OR Property:TL74HCT32D OR Property:74HC595 OR Property:TL7705AC OR Property:L4097-X012-80 OR Property:UT21712


Facts about "ISDN-Controller T1"
Accessory-Index40 +
Accessory-LogoImage:ISDN-Controller T1-Presse1.jpg +
Accessory-ModelISDN-Controller T1 +
Accessory-Nickt1 +
Accessory-TypeISDN-Card +
Accessory-VendorAVM +
Annex-nonetrue +
Annex (icecat)none +
ArchitectureTransputer +
Architecture2Transputer +
CPU-Clock20 MHz +
CPU-Clock225 MHz +
CPU-Cores1 +
CPU-Cores21 +
Card-BusRS422 +
Card-Typeactive +
Casing-Dimensions485 x 370 x 50 +
Casing-GroupT1-Casing +
Casing-OrientH +
Casing-Screws4 +
Casing-Wallmountno +
Colourblack +
Datasheet.dehttps://web.archive.org/web/20040729050113/http://www.avm.de/de/Produkte/aktive_Controller/T1_T1B/db_T1.pdf +
Diagnostic-DSUB15true +
Downloads39 +
Driver-DOStrue +
Driver-Linuxtrue +
Driver-Netwaretrue +
Driver-OSWin2K +, WinNT +, WinXP +, Netware +, Linux + and DOS +
Driver-Win2Ktrue +
Driver-WinNTtrue +
Driver-WinXPtrue +
EOM-DateDecember 31, 2004 +
EOS-DateJune 30, 2005 +
FON-ChipsProperty:PEB20320 V3.2 +, Property:siemens +, Property:PEB2035N V4.1 + and Property:PEB22320N V2.1 +
FPGA-ChipsProperty:A1010B-1 +, Property:A1010B-2 + and Property:GAL16V8C-5LJ +
GTIN4023125017575 + and 4023125017681 +
Grounding-Screwtrue +
ISDN-Lines30 +
MPN20001757 + and 20001768 +
Manual.dehttps://assets.avm.de/files/docs/server-produkte/isdn-controller-t1-t1-b/isdn-controller-t1-t1-b_man_de_DE.pdf + and https://web.archive.org/web/20100216065059/http://www.avm.de/de/Service/Handbuecher/Fuer_Unternehmen/Server-Produkte/Handbuch_T1.pdf +
Manual.inthttps://web.archive.org/web/20091228215039/http://www.avm.de/en/service/manuals/Business_Solutions/Server_products/Manual_T1.pdf +
Misc-ChipsProperty:SN74ACT16841 +, Property:AM26C31C +, Property:AM26C32C +, Property:TL74HCT32D + and Property:74HC595 +
Misc-LEDsSync-LED:gn +, D-LED:gn +, System-LED:gn + and B1-B30-LEDs:gn +
Model-Countryde +
Model-GroupISDN +
Model-Languagede +
NotSold20001757 + and 20001768 +
OwnerUser:Jonathan Schilling + and User:Axel Muhr +
PSU-ChipsProperty:TL7705AC +
Power-LEDgn +
Power-XLRtrue +
Product.dehttp://web.archive.org/web/19981205135755/http://www.avm.de/deutsch/aktivt.htm +
Product.inthttp://web.archive.org/web/19981207031035/http://www.avm.de/english/aktivt_e.htm +
RAM-ChipsProperty:MT4C16256DJ-7 + and Property:GM71C4270AJ70 +
RS422-DSUB9true +
Release-Note.dehttp://web.archive.org/web/19990210071554/http://www.avm.de/deutsch/r0797-3.htm +, http://web.archive.org/web/19990302041455/http://www.avm.de/deutsch/r0397-1.htm + and http://web.archive.org/web/19990302055600/http://www.avm.de/deutsch/r0397-4.htm +
S3M-DSUB9true +
Salesdead +
SoCT400 +
SoC-ChipsProperty:IMST400-X20I + and Property:IMST425-G25S +
SoC2T425 +
SoCs2 +
SoCs21 +
Sort-Index99.4 +
Supporteos +
Trafo-ChipsProperty:L4097-X012-80 + and Property:UT21712 +
Unsupported20001757 + and 20001768 +
VendorProperty:AVM +
Websites6 +