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Kernel modules are a mechanism to dynamically load code into the Kernel. This reduces memory consumption since only currently used modules are loaded. Kernel modules today also form an instrument to defeat license conflicts between proprietary closed source code and the GPL of the Linux kernel.


Daily updated index of all kernel modules found during firmware scans. Last update: 2019-10-17 04:03 GMT.
The label (module) in the Module column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.
The Mod column shows the amount of models using the respective module. Click the column header to sort by this number.
You can hover or click a possible Link in the Type column to see the target of that link.
The Path column shows the path relative to the /lib/modules/<kernelver> modules base directory.
Note that Kernel 2.4 *.o modules have been renamed to *.ko for an easier comparison.

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