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Many commands in FRITZ!OS derive from common Linux userspace tools. Some of these have been modified by AVM. This section attempts to show them, sorted by the package they come from. This sorting is by far not finished yet, so there's a list with the unsorted remainder at the end of this page, which hopefully will be emptied one day.


Daily updated index of all Linux commands found scanning Firmware-Probes . Last update: 2022-06-30 04:44 GMT.
The label (lincmd) in the Command column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.
The Mod column shows the amount of models using the respective command. Click the column header to sort by this number.
You can hover or click a possible Link in the Type column to see the target of that link.

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Commands which belong to the bzip2 file compression package.


NTP server and client executables from the chrony package.


Basic commands from the GNU core utilities package.


EXT filesystem commands which belong to the e2fsprogs package.


Pattern scanning and processing executables from the gawk package.


Linux kernel module handling executables from the kmod package.


Image manipilation executables from the libjpeg package.


Image manipilation executables from the netpbm package.


Commands which belong to the netfilter package.


Network filesystem commands from the nfs package.


Commands which belong to MadWifi and its extension QcaWifi.


Commands which belong to the samba file and print sharing package.


Commands which belong to the udev event managing package,see the udevd article.


Commands which belong to the ubi volume manager package.


Commands which belong to the wirelesstools package.


Commands which belong to the util-linux or util-linux-ng packages.

Unsorted TODO[edit]

This is the unsorted remainder, which still contains stuff which will be moved over to the AVM-Commands or Chipset-Commands.


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