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This section collects commands and daemons which are only present in FRITZ!OS for specific chipsets, sorted by chipset. Currently 475 chipset specific executables are covered. These lists are by far not complete yet, since they have to be sorted out manually.


Daily updated index of all chipset specific commands found scanning Firmware-Probes . Last update: 2023-01-28 05:57 GMT.
The label (chipcmd) in the Command column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.
The Mod column shows the amount of models using the respective command. Click the column header to sort by this number.
You can hover or click a possible Link in the Type column to see the target of that link.

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Some of the 68xx models use Builtin-Modems with Altair LTE chip, sold under the brand Foxconn.


The 7530ax, 7581 and 7582 use an ARM based Broadcom DSL SoC.
If the Mod column contains a number above 3 the respective command belongs in multiple / other categories. TODO.


The 4040, 7520, 7530, 1200, 3000 and 1260e use an ARM based Dakota network SoC.


The new Fiber models 5530 and 5590 use an Intel Falcon SoC


The 7340, 7369, 7390 and w722v use a Fusiv DSL SoC.


Puma6 and Puma7 Cable models contain updating tools for Phison EMMC controller firmware. The main article is phison.


All Cable models use a Puma DOCSIS SoC. The 63xx a Puma5, from 64xx to 6590 a Puma6, the 6591 and 66xx a Puma7.


The 7520v2 uses the Realtek VDSL chipset RTL86. See also the init (lincmd), rc-first and rc explanations of the boot process.


The 7570, iad7570, w721v and w920v use a Vinax VDSL chip.


The unsorted remainder, the goal is to keep this list empty.


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