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Property:Mesh (lexicon)

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Name-Collision - multiple objects in this wiki use the name Mesh!
Mesh (lexicon) Sharing of configuration and status info between FRITZ!OS devices
Mesh (models) Whether this model supports the Mesh functionality


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Mesh is a computer term which is pretty unspecific and used for many purposes including marketing.



In FRITZ!OS Mesh means sharing of configuration and status info between FRITZ!OS devices across a local network.

One device is configured to be the Mesh-Master. Further devices can be Mesh-Repeaters of this master.
The connection between the master and the repeaters can be WLAN or LAN or a mix of both.

A Mesh-Master can use any of the Box-Modes, a Mesh-Repeater must be in the same Subnet and turns an IP-Client.

For an overview of Mesh capable models see Mesh (models).


The following FRITZ!OS parts could be merged by Mesh:


AVM Mesh internally consists of 2 parts, configuration peering and topology management:

  • Configuration and status info peering is performed by avmnexusd.
  • Topology management and steering is performed by meshd.

WLAN guest network tunneling (auto configured by Mesh) is done by l2tpv3d.


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