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A Timestamp is a recording of a point in time, typically used as meta data for events or documents. .

It can be textual or an integer, human readable or encoded into binary and requires the definition of a reference system.

For textual Timestamps it is important to specifiy the Timezone:

  • 07:38, 11 December 2012 (UTC)
  • 2021-12-11 07:38:00 UTC

Integer Timestamps typically are relative to an Epoch containing the Timezone info.

  • 1662618414 - Unix Timestamp

This is the moment when writing this in seconds since the Unix Epoch.

Timestamps for Network-Protocols are explained in RFC-3339, generic Timestamps in ISO 8601.



FRITZ!OS is based on Linux and uses the Unix Time internally.

Unlike a PC none of the Box-Models has a battery buffered hardware RTC, that is why hwclock or timedatectl are not installed.
The Unix time is zero at boot time and starts with the Unix Epoch.
Once a connection to the Internet is established the system time is corrected using NTP or SNTP.

There are further methods to get a valid system time offline, see the RTC article.


Most supported Linux-Filesystems are handled by the Kernel which uses the system time.
The amount of Timestamps recorded and the way how each Timestamp is stored differs for each filesystem.

The minimum Timestamp recorded is the last modified time, but some filesystems also store
creation time and last access time for each stored object.


In the Shell the date command reports the human readable local time, based on the Timezone specified in TZ (avmenv):

root@fritz1:/var/mod/root# date

Thu Sep  8 11:19:27 CEST 2022

The format of this string could be changed by a Locale, which is not used in FRITZ!OS, since the Shell is no official interface.


All Timestamps in the Webinterface are displayed using local time in the Timezone specified in TZ (avmenv).

The Event-Log which can also be listed by eventsdump uses a numerical Timestamp format.
The log is maintained by the AR7Events_* and Events_* functions in libboxlib.so which also do the localisation.


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