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Property:telefonprofile (event)

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Name-Collision - multiple objects in this wiki use the name telefonprofile!
telefonprofile (event) Telephony power saving change
telefonprofile (evsrc) Event-Source of avm_power.ko


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The telefonprofile event informs the system about the state of the power saving for the telephony stack.
This is just a simple on / off state. See the Examples how it is triggered.

// From include/uapi/avm/event/gen-types.h

struct _avm_event_telefonprofile {
	struct _avm_event_header event_header;
	unsigned int on;


The power saving management in FRITZ!OS is performed in avm_power.ko, which also may include speedstepping or
boosting of DSPs used for telephony CODECs, etc. If full power is needed avm_power.ko can be set to special power
management roles using its device., and that is exactly what the core daemon for telephony telefon does.

To get full power telephony stack telefon does this:

echo MODE="telefon_profile_on"  >/dev/avm_power

Once telephony terminated it restores the power saving state again:

echo MODE="telefon_profile_off"  >/dev/avm_power

Both changes make avm_power.ko send the telefonprofile event with on or off state.
As you can see in the Dependencies below libtr069.so is subscribed to it to know when telephony is idle.


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Relation Typ Object Mod Firmware Info Origin
Source evsrc telefonprofile (evsrc) 69* 6.20 - 7.51 Event-Source of avm_power.ko AVM
Sink evsink tr069_idle_check 57* 6.24 - 7.51 Event-Sink of libtr069.so for ctlmgr AVM
2 dependencies for this event


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