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CardDAV is an extension to the WebDAV protocol to synchronize contact data in vCard format.
It is a client / server protocol for collaborative sharing and maintenance of an address book on a server.
Like WebDAV it uses Port-80-tcp like HTTP or Port-443-tcp like HTTPS, typically with authentification.

See also the CalDAV protocol which is also based on WebDAV.


FRITZ!OS 7.19+ uses CardDAV as one of the options of an Online-Phonebook. Only HTTPS is supported!
Many Webmail providers today support this protocol, but a local server is also an option.

Synchonization is perrformed by the carddavd client daemon, at least once each 24 hours.
carddavd is started by libcmapi.so for ctlmgr.

The Webinterface manages CardDAV in the ontel ui-module, which is maintained by libcmapi.so for ctlmgr.
It is configured like every other Online-Phonebook with the serviceid set to carddav.generic.

ISP specific CardDAV usage is carddav.icloud for the I-Cloud and carddav.tcloud for the T-Cloud.
In fw 7.39 carddav.1und1, carddav.gmxde and carddav.webde were added.

Configuration is stored in the onlinetel section of voip.cfg which is maintained by libar7cfg.so.


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.


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