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This is research in progress and may be partially or completely wrong.

showfwacl lists the configuration of the firewall access control list (FWACL) for supportdata.

fw 7.39 help:

root@fritz:/var/mod/root# showfwacl -?

usage: showfwacl [options]

  -?                 - print this help
  -D STRING          - switch debug logs on. (FUNC)



Listing an empty fwacl on fw 7.39:

root@fritz:/var/mod/root# showfwacl

fwacl is empty

The fwacl config is stored in the AVMIPC-Datastore. To list its size:

root@fritz:/var/mod/root# aicmd avmipcd datastore show | grep STATE_FWACL_FWACLCFG

STATE_FWACL_FWACLCFG                  : size   10, set by local , local:dsld local:pcpd

To export it in JSON format:

root@fritz:/var/mod/root# aicmd avmipcd datastore query STATE_FWACL_FWACLCFG full

STATE_FWACL_FWACLCFG: local:dsld local:pcpd
   DATA: <<!EOF!
fwacl {

dsld.service contains a comment explaining why multid.service needs to be started before dsld:

; multid sets up necessary network interfaces and sends fwacl configuration (IGD part)

The fwacl is maintained by libavmfwacl.so, which sends an IPC notification to avmipcd with the attached config.
This library is only required by dsld, multid, pcpd and by this command.

pcpd has its own fwacl, which is listed in supportdata like this:

root@fritz:/var/mod/root# aicmd pcpd show fwacl

It returns nothing if the pcpd fwacl is empty,


The names of source files compiled into an executable often help to understand function blocks (and show gaps in the docs).
fw 7.39 source files:

$ strings /bin/showfwacl | grep -e '\.c$' -e '\.cpp$'



Daily updated index of all dependencies of this command. Last update: 2023-01-31 07:12 GMT.
A * in the Mod column marks info from Supportdata-Probes, which will always stay incomplete.

Relation Typ Object Mod Firmware Info Origin
Depends on lib libavmcsock.so 26 7.39 - 7.51 Networking, I/O and helper functions AVM
Depends on lib libavmfwacl.so 26 7.39 - 7.51 Maintains the firewall access control list (FWACL). AVM
Depends on lib libc.so 26 7.39 - 7.51 Standard C library Linux
Depends on lib libdl.so 7 7.39 - 7.50 Dynamic linking library Linux
Depends on lib libpthread.so 7 7.39 - 7.50 POSIX threading library Linux
Depends on lib librt.so 7 7.39 - 7.50 POSIX realtime extensions library Linux
Depends on lib libsvctl.so 26 7.39 - 7.51 supervisor control library AVM
Depends on lib libz.so 26 7.39 - 7.51 Zlib compressor / decompressor Linux
8 dependencies for this command


Daily updated index of the presence, path and size of this command for each model. Last update: 2023-01-31 05:50 GMT.
Showing all models using this command. Click any column header (click-wait-click) to sort the list by the respective data.
The (main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom) label in the Model column shows which CPU is meant for models with multiple Linux instances.
Note that this list is merged from Firmware-Probes of all known AVM firmware for a model, including Recovery.exe and Labor-Files.

Model Firmware Path Size
FRITZ!Box 4040 7.39 /bin 5.3k
FRITZ!Box 4060 7.39 /bin 5.3k
FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber (arm) 7.39 /bin 5.3k
FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable (arm) 7.39 /bin 9.2k
FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable (atom) 7.39 /bin 9.2k
FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable (arm) 7.39 /bin 9.2k
FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable (atom) 7.39 /bin 9.2k
FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable (arm) 7.39 /bin 13.4k
FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable (atom) 7.39 /bin 13.4k
FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable (arm) 7.39 /bin 13.4k
FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable (atom) 7.39 /bin 13.4k
FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable (arm) 7.39 - 7.50 /bin 13.4k
FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable (atom) 7.39 - 7.50 /bin 13.4k
FRITZ!Box 6850 LTE 7.39 /bin 5.3k - 9.7k
FRITZ!Box 6850 5G 7.39 /bin 5.3k
FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE 7.39 /bin 9.7k
FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE v1 7.39 /bin 9.7k
FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE v2 7.39 /bin 9.7k
FRITZ!Box 7490 (main) 7.39 - 7.51 /bin 9.8k
FRITZ!Box 7510 7.39 /bin 5.3k
FRITZ!Box 7520 7.39 - 7.50 /bin 5.3k
FRITZ!Box 7520 v2 (arm) 7.39 - 7.50 /bin 5.3k
FRITZ!Box 7530 7.39 - 7.51 /bin 5.3k
FRITZ!Box 7530 AX 7.39 /bin 5.4k
FRITZ!Box 7590 7.39 - 7.51 /bin 9.7k
FRITZ!Box 7590 AX 7.39 /bin 9.7k
26 models use this command


Daily updated index of all symbols of this command. Last update: 2023-01-31 07:12 GMT.

Firmware Symbol
7.39 - 7.51 main
1 symbol for this command


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