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The TrustZone Technology is a security extension on ARM Cortext-A based systems.
The term TrustZone is also used for the code or OS running in the secure world of it.

This technology uses hardware-enforced isolation of trusted and untrusted execution environments.
This is implemented by the ability to split each core into a virtual core for the secure world and the normal world each.



The TrustZone Technology is used on all Qualcomm ARM Cortext-A based SoCs:

The secure world runs the AVM customized TrustZone OS called QSEE (Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment).
It is used for monitoring and for providing security and crypto services to the normal world.
The normal world runs the application OS, booted by APPSBL which is EVA booting FRITZ!OS.

Both worlds are booted by the SBL which is started by the PBL.


This still has to be researched:

In the 7530ax the TrustZone is loaded from the FIT-Image.

Multi-EVA boot on Qualcomm ARM: (Hawkeye, Alder, Miami, Dakota, Maple)


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