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User-Interface-Modules (UI-Modules) are the highest level of interfaces to Configuration and status information in FRITZ!OS. They form the core of the Webinterface but can also be accessed from shell using ctlmgr_ctl. UI-Modules are served by the ctlmgr daemon which dispatches the service to a modular set of plugin libraries. It depends on the features of a model which plugin library is loaded and which UI-Module is present.

An UI-Module consists of a tree of variable=value pairs aka Web-Variables (webvars) (similar to Win registry keys) in one or both of the root pathes status (readonly) and settings (read/write). Besides this there are command keys, which trigger actions or functions.

A list of all current UI-Modules can be obtained from ctlmgr_ctl -u or from ctlmgr_moduleinfo.dat.


See also the table with FRITZ!OS 7.5x news below and the total Overview of F!OS news!

Daily updated index of all UI modules found scanning Firmware-Probes . Last update: 2023-12-01 08:07 GMT.
The label (uimod) in the Module column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.
The Mod column shows the amount of models using the respective module. Click the column header to sort by this number.
This list is gathered scanning all Webinterfaces of the complete Firmware-History and is likely incomplete.
All statistics show what is referred in the Webinterface and not that the respective function is operational on the named models.

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FRITZ!OS 7.5x[edit]

UI-Modules which are new in FRITZ!OS 7.5x and its Labors 7.39+. See also the total Overview of F!OS news!

UI-Modules Web-Variables which are new in FRITZ!OS 7.5x and its Labors 7.39+. See also the total Overview of F!OS news!
The links point to the Web-Variables section of the respective module.