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Dear AVM: Please activate CONFIG_IKCONFIG for all kernels and modules.builtin (ascii) in rootfs to help developers. Thanks!

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Daily updated index of all Kconfig findings of this variable on the GPL-Browser. Last update: 2024-06-22 04:20 GMT.
The Browse column points to the Path of the Kconfig containing this variable on the gpl.boxmatrix.info service.
The SoC column lists the Chip-Codenames, the Model column lists the nicks of the Box-Models.
The Diff column links the comparison of the AVM Kernel to the pristine original from Kernel.org.
The Download column links the full tarball the respective directory content is extracted from.
The presence of this option does not mean it fits the respective model and architecture. See the Model-Matrix where it's used.


Daily updated index of all dependencies of this Kconfig-Variable. Last update: 2024-06-22 04:20 GMT.
The Dirs column lists the amount of root directories on the GPL-Browser containing the respective Relation.
The Firmware column lists the range of firmware versions covered by these directories.
The presence of a Relation does not mean it is used by AVM. See the Model-Matrix of each Object where it's used.

Relation Typ Object Dirs Firmware Info Origin
Required by kcfg CONFIG_DAVINCI_MCBSP 3 4.87 - 4.99 DaVinci McBSP Driver (mcbsp.ko) Linux
Required by kcfg CONFIG_I2C_DAVINCI 33 5.29 - 7.61 DaVinci I2C driver (i2c-client.ko, i2c-davinci.ko) Linux
Required by kcfg CONFIG_SOUND_DAVINCI 3 4.87 - 4.99 DaVinci Sound Driver (davinci-audio-dma-intfc.ko, davinci-audio.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_ARCH_REQUIRE_GPIOLIB 22 5.29 - 7.59 Architecture requires CONFIG_GPIOLIB GPIO Support Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_CLKDEV_LOOKUP 24 7.01 - 7.59 Helper for the clk API for looking up a struct clk (clkdev.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_COMMON_CLK 1 7.56 Common Clock Framework (clk-composite.ko, clk-conf.ko, clk-divider.ko, clk-fixed-factor.ko, clk-fixed-rate.ko, clk-fractional-divider.ko, clk-gate.ko, clk-gpio-gate.ko, clk-gpio.ko, clk-multiplier.ko, clk-mux.ko, clk.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_CPU_ARM926T 13 6.06 - 7.56 Support ARM926T processor (proc-arm926.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_GENERIC_ALLOCATOR 29 6.06 - 7.59 General purpose allocator for managing special purpose memory (genalloc.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS 31 5.29 - 7.59 Generic clock events (clockevents.ko, tick-common.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_GENERIC_GPIO 6 5.29 - 6.87 Generic GPIO support (gpio.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_GENERIC_IRQ_CHIP 23 7.01 - 7.59 Common irq chip suppoort (generic-chip.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_GENERIC_TIME 6 5.29 - 6.87 Generic time support Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_GPIOLIB 9 7.29 - 7.56 GPIO Support (devres.ko, gpiolib-devprop.ko, gpiolib-devres.ko, gpiolib-legacy.ko, gpiolib.ko, hui.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_HAVE_CLK 6 5.29 - 6.87 Architecture has a clock producer (clk-bulk.ko, clk-devres.ko, clkdev.ko, clock_ops.ko, pm_domain.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_HAVE_IDE 29 6.06 - 7.59 Architecture supports IDE Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_PINCTRL_SINGLE 2 7.61 One-register-per-pin type device tree based pinctrl driver (pinctrl-single.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_PM_GENERIC_DOMAINS 3 7.56 - 7.61 Generic device PM domains support (domain.ko, domain_governor.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_PM_GENERIC_DOMAINS_OF 3 7.56 - 7.61 Generic device PM domains OF support Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_REGMAP_MMIO 3 7.56 - 7.61 Register map access API - MMIO support (regmap-mmio.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_RESET_CONTROLLER 3 7.56 - 7.61 Reset Controller Support (core.ko) Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_USE_OF 23 7.01 - 7.59 Flattened Device Tree support Linux
Selects kcfg CONFIG_ZONE_DMA 33 5.29 - 7.61 DMA memory allocation support Linux
Enables mod avm.ko 3 7.14 - 7.15 Multi purpose bundle module (GPL) AVM
Enables mod davinci-cpufreq.ko 25 7.01 - 7.61 CPU frequency scaling for TI DaVinci TI
Enables mod davinci_watchdog_hw.ko 3 7.14 - 7.15 DaVinci hardware watchdog driver (GPL) AVM
Enables mod gpio-davinci.ko 1 7.29 TI DaVinci GPIO Support (GPL) Linux
26 dependencies for this Kconfig-Variable


Daily updated index of the presence and value of this variable for each model. Last update: 2024-06-22 04:38 GMT.
Showing all models using this variable. Click any column header (click-wait-click) to sort the list by the respective data.
The (main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom) label in the Model column shows which CPU is meant for models with multiple Linux instances.
Note that this list is merged from Firmware-Probes of all known AVM firmware for a model, including Recovery.exe and Labor-Files.
If the 'Value' column contains '<comp>' the variable is computed at runtime. '<empty>' means the variable is present but empty (rare).
Multiple values typically show a conditional static assignment or different values in different firmware.

Model Firmware Value Kernel
FRITZ!Media 8020 4.99 y
1 model uses this variable


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