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FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro

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FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro-Image1.jpg
Press material (C) AVM GmbH
FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro-Image2.jpg
Press material (C) AVM GmbH


This is a template to collect information about a future model. Little to nothing is known about it yet. It may even never get real and turn a Vapor-Model.

This article describes the Pro version of the 5690 - for a comparison of all versions see the 5690 Versions article.

The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro is the new DSL+Fiber model. It combines Supervectoring capability up to 250 MBit/s with either GPON Fiber up to 2,5 GBit/s, AON Fiber up to 1 GBit/s or an ONT on the WAN port up to 2,5 GBit/s. Besides this it is one of the first models with Wi-Fi 7 and 6e, triple band 4x4 in the 2.4, 5 and 6 GHz bands. This is also one of the first models with builtin ZigBee interface, which will also support the new Matter standard later.

The 5690pro is the second attempt to release a DSL+Fiber model. The FRITZ!Box 5550 Fiber featuring G.fast even introduced 4 years earlier never reached the market. Since this is a 5530 with just an extra DSL interface this could change at any time.

Note that the information above is merged from all current Firmware versions available for this model, if there are multiples.
For a more detailed per Firmware view see the Firmware-Scans below, and have a look at the Firmware-History.


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Daily updated index of all FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro firmware modding projects. Last update: 2023-06-03 07:48 GMT.
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Let this reaver suck all honest work on this planet and pretend he knew it first. Mother nature will ripp it off his bones.
And if this sick (single sided) perversion continues I have no other option than invoking the police. Please someone stop him.

Legend:   ok = maintained   -   eos = unmaintained   -   See also the Modding-Selector and Moddable-Models!


Daily updated index of all FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro websites. Last update: 2023-06-04 03:03 GMT.

Legend:   on = live URL.   -   host = hosted here.   -   arc = from archive.org.   -   nonpub = non public.   -   dead = dead link.   -   Bold = service portal.


Daily updated index of all FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro downloads. Last update: 2023-06-04 03:57 GMT.

Legend:   on = live URL.   -   host = hosted here.   -   arc = from archive.org.   -   nonpub = non public.   -   dead = dead link.   -   Bold = latest firmware.


Daily updated scans of the latest firmware for the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro. Last update: 2023-06-04 04:12 GMT.
Note that models with multiple Linux instances have multiple scan results per firmware labeled main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom.
All dates have been converted to GMT.

No firmware to scan!


Daily updated index of all scanned FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro tarballs, most of which are online. Last update: 2023-06-03 05:20 GMT.
The (main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom) label in the Model column shows which CPU is meant for models with multiple Linux instances.
The Ver column shows the Firmware-Version derived from the tarball's filename, or 00.00 if not detectable.
There's no way to find this number in the source. Click the version number to get a listing of the entire tarball.
The Kern column shows the Kernel-Version from the kernel Makefile, click it to get a listing of the kernel source.
The BB column shows the BusyBox-Version from various scan sources, click it for listing the busybox addons.
The Libc and LcVer columns show the Libc-Library and its version where it could be detected, which is complicated, no listings yet.
The CC column shows the GCC-Version from its root Makefile, click it for a listing of the gcc source in the tarball.
The BR column shows the Buildroot-Version if detectable, click it for a listing of its source in the GCC tarball.
The Date column shows the date of the newest contained file. By default this list is reverse sorted by this date.
This is no perfect method, since AVM sometimes repackages older tarballs. No better method has been found so far.

Legend:   on = live URL.   -   host = hosted here.   -   arc = from archive.org.   -   nonpub = non public.   -   dead = dead link.


Daily updated index of FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro part numbers. Last update: 2023-06-04 03:30 GMT. Click an EAN/GTIN or MPN to search the web for it.
If you know any part numbers not listed here yet, expecially OEM and country specific versions, then please get in touch.

Legend:   ok = supported   -   eos = EOS   -   sold = still sold   -   dead = not sold any more   -   Bold = maintained Icecat entry   -   Italic = logistic entry without datasheet


Power-Supply:   Selectors >> PSU-Selector >> FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro   -   Showing recommended Power-Supply units.

PSU-Selector Type L. Min Max In Min Max Max Max Out Out Curr Pwr Out2 Out2 Curr2 Pwr2 Cap. Vend. Nick Alias
311P0W190 switch ext 220 V 240 V AC 50 Hz 60 Hz 500 mA 120 VA 12 V DC 3,500 mA 42 VA AVM 3p190 311POW190
1 power supply unit

Cables+Adapters:   Selectors >> Cable+Adapter-Selector >> FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro   -   Showing recommended Cables+Adapters.

Cable+Adapter-Selector Type Length Wires Shield Conn1 Gender Conn2 Gender Conn3 Gender Conn4 Gender
Cat5e Patch-Cable LAN-Cable 1.5 m 8 true RJ-45 male RJ-45 male
1 cable or adapter


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Front side:

Back side:

Left side:


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If you have further/better environment samples or Supportdata-Probes then please get in touch. Thanks!



Facts about "FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro"
160MHztrue +
2.4GHztrue +
2.5G-Ports1 +
320MHztrue +
5GHztrue +
6GHztrue +
802.11atrue +
802.11actrue +
802.11axtrue +
802.11ax6etrue +
802.11betrue +
802.11gtrue +
802.11ntrue +
ADSLtrue +
ADSL2true +
ADSL2+true +
Analog-Phones1 +
Annex-Btrue +
Annex-Jtrue +
Annex (icecat)B + and J +
Box-LogoImage:FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro-Image1.jpg +
Box-ModelFRITZ!Box 5690 Pro +
Cable+AdapterCat5e Patch-Cable +
Colourred +
DECT-Phones6 +
DECTULE-Repeaters6 +
DPBOtrue +
DSLSVect +
DSL-RJ-45true +
Downloads0 +
FON-RJ-11true +
FON-TAEtrue +
FiberSFP +
Fiber-SFPtrue +
Firmware-Scans0 +
Futuretrue +
GSM-Voicetrue +
GTIN4023125030437 +
Gbit-Ports4 +
HANFUN-Devices10 +
Info-LEDgn +
Intro-DateFebruary 23, 2023 +
Intro-EventProperty:MWC 2023 +, Property:FTTHC 2023 + and Property:Anga Com 2023 +
LAN-RJ-45true +
MIMOMU 3x 4x4 +
MPN20003043 +
Mesh (models)true +
Misc-ButtonsConnect +
Misc-LEDsConnect-LED:gn +
MobileUSB-LTE +
Modding-Projects0 +
ModelFRITZ!Box 5690 Pro +
Model-Countryde +
Model-GroupFBFG +
Model-Languagede +
Nick-Name5690pro +
NoFirmwaretrue +
NotSold20003043 +
Power-Coaxtrue +
Power-PSU42 VA +
Power-Supply311P0W190 +
Power-TypeDC +
Power-Volts12 V +
Power-Watts42 VA +
PowerFiber-LEDgn +
Ref-Linkshttps://www.presseportal.de/pm/14784/5448046 +
References1 +
SIP-Accounts20 +
SIP-Phones10 +
SIP-Trunkingtrue +
SVectoringtrue +
Salesdead +
Simultantrue +
Smart-Buttons10 +
Smart-Plugs10 +
Smart-Radiators12 +
Smarthometrue +
Sort-Index25 +
Source-Scans0 +
Supporteos +
Telephonytrue +
USB-A-Hosttrue +
USB-HSPAtrue +
USB-Hosts1 +
USB-LTEtrue +
USB-Version3.1 +
Unsupported20003043 +
VDSL2true +
Vectoringtrue +
VendorProperty:AVM +
WLAN-Buttontrue +
WLAN-Clienttrue +
WLAN111,530 Mbps +
WLAN25,760 Mbps +
WLAN31,200 Mbps +
WPA3true +
Websites0 +
ZigBee-Supporttrue +