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The OSI model, also known as the ISO/OSI model, is a 7-layer model describing hundreds of Network-Protocols.
It is similar to the TCP-IP 4-layer model but splits the upper (application) layer and adds the lowest (physical) layer.

The ISO/IEC 7498 standard consists of 4 parts explaining networking theory, a vocabulary and the layer model.

Like most ISO / IEC standards the latest version of the documents are not free but have to get purchased.


The following overview will only collect protocols which are relevant to FRITZ!OS and its modification:

TCP-IP: Application layer

TCP-IP: Transport layer

TCP-IP: Internet layer

TCP-IP: Link layer

The TCP-IP suite / layer model does not care about the physical layer, as long as it can transfer Octets (Bytes).

See also the List of network protocols (OSI model).


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