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Hello and welcome to the unofficial BoxMatrix Research Wiki. This is an up to date from scratch rewrite of the now retired wehavemorefun FRITZ!Box Wiki, created and maintained by the former main author. The main topic of this Wiki is the FRITZ!Box router platform, its Linux based FRITZ!OS and all further products of its Berlin based creator AVM. Since this Wiki is completely maintained it is read only. More background info can be found here.

BoxMatrix is highly automated, so pretty much everything is self-updating at least daily. The MediaWiki frontend currently contains 30,601 articles (70,995 incl. redirects, category and image description pages), the result of 128,024 edits. These pages contain 448,507 semantic annotations for 1,655 properties. There are currently 12,639 images from 325 contributors in the Gallery. The backend consists of 40,236 lines of Perl code in 215 cron scripts, eating 60,469 lines of configuration from 137 files, to keep an additional database up to date which spans 540 tables containing 2,406,854 rows of data in 26,234,896 cells, excluding the semantic data stored in the frontend. The backend performs daily scans of currently 5,093 unique firmware, labor and recovery files, 369 tarballs and 804 supportdata probes.

This Wiki is intended to help developers and users to get deeper information about one of the most developer-friendly router platforms on the market, while doing everything to not harm AVM or anyone who contributed with images or data. Although reviewed carefully, if you find any questionable information which seems to violate this policy then please don't hesitate to report it. (so far noone did, be the first!).


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